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Year of The Dog standard

Welcome, Year of the Earth Dog! Dogs are loyal, faithful, honest, and have a strong sense of fairness so we will see these influences throughout this lunar year.  We should enjoy more harmony and a calmer time to exhale and regroup. This year will be more about the pack – the community, working together and honoring all types of relationships – as the priority.  The Dog will bring out truth, justice and kindness in us this year and is not a good time for confrontations since this canine guardian will be on the defensive. However, it can also be a wild dog blocking the plans, so use your wisdom to remove these obstacles. The steadfast Earth, or Mountain, aspect of ...

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Somatic Experiencing 1 Day Clinic standard

We live in a time where stress and anxiety seem ever present–and this keeps us from living vibrantly.   Trauma, whether from a particular event, a health situation, or something that occurred during your developmental years, can keep you feeling “stuck.”   Somatic Experiencing lets you start the journey of healing yourself.  In a session, you experience guided movement and visualization which can help get to the root of your nervous system’s innate ability to deal with your hard-wired survival energies–flight, fight, or freeze–and begin to release old patterns and traumas in a way you might not have been able to do in the past. On Saturday, November 11, our guest practitioner Mary Muszynski is offering a day of Somatic Experiencing individual sessions.  Cost is only $40 for a ...

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Year of the Fire Rooster standard

The surprises and shenanigans of the Year of the Monkey are finally on the way out!  After all the chaos that the monkey brought us, January 28th marks the beginning of the year for the Rooster’s hard work and practicality. The rooster is an ancient symbol representing the sun and its crowing in the morning chases away darkness and evil. The challenges of this year will require quick responses, but stick with the tried-and- true solutions. The year of the rooster is not the time to take risks, especially with business and finances. This applies to your health as well.  Be diligent in maintaining a balanced diet and with regular, moderate exercise.  Seek the assistance of your health care practitioners to ...

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Chinese Recovery Soup standard

It is officially soup season! The weather is chilly, the cold and flu bugs are making their presence known, and a hearty, warm soup is exactly what a body needs. Our grandmothers knew all about the wonders of bone broths, but books like Nourishing Broth have brought this knowledge to the foreground again. Chinese medicine has used soups and congees (rice porridge) for centuries for both nourishment and as a medicine. Below is a mash-up of Rebecca Katz’s Magic Mineral Broth1 and a traditional Chinese Herbal Soup. It is packed with nutrition plus has the added benefit of Chinese herbs to help with healing and recovery after illness, surgery or childbirth. It’s also a great way stay healthy – fight ...

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Special Clinic: Movement Screening July 30 image

MOVEMENT SCREENING FOR RETURN TO RUNNING AND EXERCISE Have you had an injury or pain that has kept you from returning to your prior exercise level? Are you interested in increasing your mileage or speed or just want to feel stronger while exercising? Yes? Then sign up for this movement screening to identify movement dysfunctions that could be potentially limiting you or causing your pain as you return to your sport and exercise. Method: You will be asked to complete a series of movements where faults could be occurring. Further breakdown of these movements will help determine where to focus corrective exercises. If pain is limiting your movement then further assessment will be completed to determine the source of this ...

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