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Year of the Pig 2019 standard

Hello! Year of the Earth Pig 2019 This year completes the 12 zodiac cycle and is a time of reflection on the past 11 years so that we can relax and rejuvenate for the cycle that will begin in 2020.  We have an opportunity to be carefree and renew our goodwill. While this will be a period of festivity and joy, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Well thought out actions are better than taking risks during the year of the Earth Pig. For example, feelings of exuberant abundance can lead to mismanagement of one’s budget. Over indulgence will have compounding effects this year, so be mindful of diet and exercise. Now is the time to take ...

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Year of the Goat standard

February 19 marks the Year of the green, wooden Sheep. Or Goat. Or Ram. (Pick your preferred ovine.)  Because sheep are the symbol of peace and harmony, we can expect more of that in 2015.  Compromise and a feeling of banding together against evil are the influences this year.  Strategy and common sense will out-maneuver aggression in relationships, personal or public.  This doesn’t mean that this lunar year will be without turbulence, but we can make the most of the peaceful times in between. People who are born in the year of the goat tend to be gentle and kindhearted with a strong sense of justice.  But don’t be fooled by that mild-mannered surface.   They have excellent perseverance and strong opinions.  ...

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