Have you had an injury or pain that has kept you from returning to your prior exercise level?
Are you interested in increasing your mileage or speed or just want to feel stronger while exercising?
Yes? Then sign up for this movement screening to identify movement dysfunctions that could be potentially limiting you or causing your pain as you return to your sport and exercise.
Method: You will be asked to complete a series of movements where faults could be occurring. Further breakdown of these movements will help determine where to focus corrective exercises. If pain is limiting your movement then further assessment will be completed to determine the source of this pain.
Goal: Send you home with a limited but targeted set of exercises focused on correcting the most dysfunctional movement pattern. The goal of these exercises is to make them challenging but not impossible so you can practice normal pain free movement until it becomes an automatic pattern for your body.
When: Saturday July 12, 2014
Where: Sunnyside Holistic Group
Cost: $75.00 (cash or check only)
for 45 minute appointment
Who: Kate Rushton, MPT
Spots are limited so contact Judy now to schedule your assessment!