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Jessamyn Sajko, LMT, NTP-BCHN

Jessamyn has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon since 1999.  She uses manual techniques including Chinese cuppingTrigger Point TherapyDeep TissueGua Sha, and PreNatal massage.  She believes that treating people on an individual bases creates a bond that allows for deeper healing and body awareness. And she believes strongly in working alongside additional practitioners to help Clients get the most out of their healing on the road to better health and wellness. In Spring of 2015 Jessamyn furthered her education and added nutritional therapy certification. Fall of 2016 Jessamyn became nationally certified in Holistic Nutrition through NANP . My philosophy is based on the belief that optimal health is based on working with the innate wisdom of the body to restore function and bring the body back into balance. True wellness cannot be achieved through a reductionist view of addressing only symptoms and individual anatomical systems, but understanding that every function of the body is intimately linked. Listening to the messages our bodies give us and addressing the core foundations of our health restores spirit and brings the body back to wellness.

As a young competitor in swimming, basketball, and soccer, Jessamyn was introduced into the world of Massage Therapy as a patient after many soft tissue injuries of her own. She earned her degree in 1999 and started a thriving private practice in Eugene working for professional and college athletes with well respected doctors of Chiropractic, Sports Physicians, and few well known Massage Therapists.

To increase her knowledge of clientele, Jessamyn moved to San Diego California and worked for the Hotel Del Coronado where she immersed herself in the world of Spa massage. There she was involved in training new therapists, working on elite athletes, and creating new therapeutic treatments. She also worked with a world renowned Sports Chiropractor and had the opportunity to get more hands on learning of sports massage and the benefits while in San Diego.

After 3 years in California Jessamyn returned to the Pacific NW in 2014 where she’s been thriving in her private practice.  In the Spring of 2010 Jessamyn and Judy Simonsen-Cazier founded Sunnyside Holistic Group Clinic.

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