Welcome, Year of the Earth Dog!

Dogs are loyal, faithful, honest, and have a strong sense of fairness so we will see these influences throughout this lunar year.  We should enjoy more harmony and a calmer time to exhale and regroup. This year will be more about the pack – the community, working together and honoring all types of relationships – as the priority.  The Dog will bring out truth, justice and kindness in us this year and is not a good time for confrontations since this canine guardian will be on the defensive. However, it can also be a wild dog blocking the plans, so use your wisdom to remove these obstacles.

The steadfast Earth, or Mountain, aspect of this year should bring a sense of stability that is a welcome relief from the wildness of the last two Fire years.  But watch out for the sense of inertia that comes with it – don’t let this influence prevent you from moving forward or as an excuse not to exercise!  You may notice stubbornness as another manifestation, so be willing to be flexible. As a rule, this will be a great year to do mountain-based activities, dive into gardening and explore real estate.  Because the Earth element governs digestion, be good to your gut. Eat good food, avoid the harmful stuff and your body will thank you.

Having a dog in the home is particularly good luck this year, so go home and hug your dog!

If you were born in the years 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, this is your year!  You are observant, cautious and devoted to your ideals which you defend to the end. Because of your idealism, you may expect too much from those around you.  You may feel a bit melancholy or experience some disappointment this year, but know that these will pass with good self-care. The Dog in you will not let defeat bring you down.  Be mindful with your health and all physical activities since you may be accident prone during this time. Take care in all financial transactions as you may be vulnerable to fraud. Socializing and making friends is the key to career advancement in the future. This will be a good year to get married, move or take on a remodeling project.